The Dominicans Province of the Most Holy Name of Jesus


Preaching Ministry

Western Dominican Preaching is a formal ministry that has enjoyed a long history of itinerant preaching.  These friars travel the world preaching catechesis, parish missions, and other forms of  preaching.  In addition, we have an extensive preaching blog of homilies and various preaching resources for you to enjoy.
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Parish Ministries

The Dominicans in the western United States have a long tradition of parochial ministry.  Some of parishes also have K-8 schools, Dominican Laity Chapters, along with their expansive efforts in ministry.
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Campus Ministries

The Western Dominican Province is pleased to be involved in ministering to college and university campus students, faculty, and staff.  In some cases, these ministries are officially named parishes, but the parish boundaries are typically the boundaries of the educational entity.
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Other Ministries

This category of ministries includes official ministries which the Western Dominican Province has made commitments to staff.  This means that as one friar leaves the ministry another will be assigned to replace him.
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Specialized Ministries

Specialized ministries involve individual friars engaging in ministry by personal choice, or by assignment.  Although the province does not make the commitment to replace a friar when they are reassigned elsewhere, the province recognizes the need to reach out farther than its commitments.
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The friars of the province formally publish their academic and non-academic works with various publishers.  On occasion, the province even publishes selected works.  Publishing is an important ministry to help make accessible the truth, the life, and the way of Christ in the World.  We hope you enjoy exploring the good work of our friars.
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Province Global Map

In the above ministry pages there are website and Google Map links for each ministry, and a link to the (Arch)Diocese that is served by each ministry.  Below is a global map of all these same ministries conveniently on the same map.

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